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Bali Edition

Bali Edition

Walk Away With Your Event or Retreat Plan, Copy and a Branding Photo Shoot

January 23-25 
Retreat Days
january 26-29
Photo Shoot Days

January 23rd to January 29th 2020

Walk away

Always dreamed of adding an event or retreat as a part of your business offerings?

Are you ready to learn the most effective ways of creating an event or retreat that sells out every time?  Do you need branding photos?

We are also offering video shoots by our in-house photographer and videographer to help with your branding videos and event and retreat marketing.

 Event Strategist
+ Coach  

Business Consultant and
Retreat Company Owner

in Bali



Alecia May

Elizabeth Sinclair 

Spend time at an in-depth, hands-on mastermind where you will leave completely prepared to make crazy profits and become an industry leader by hosting your very own event or retreat. You’ll learn to strategize, market and successfully plan and execute all aspects of your event or retreat.

If adding an event or retreat to your offerings is on your dream-list

this Mastermind is for you

About Bali

Imagine sitting in the lush, tropical jungle, a stone’s throw away from the rice fields in Bali’s spiritual center or sitting by the beach as the waves crash around you.

Each day, after spending time planning your retreat or event, you might take a walk to the main streets to have a Balinese massage treatment (hello $10 massages!), visit local art galleries, enjoy a native dish, or shop for beautiful clothing and gifts at the Art Market and boutiques.

We couldn’t think of a more exotic location to help you unleash your potential of becoming a profitable event or retreat host.

The sights and sounds of Bali are known for inspiring and helping you get in touch with your inner creative. You’ll come to know these elements are essential to mastering your very own retreat or event.

You and a small group of other aspiring individuals who want to plan an epic event or retreat will spend three days of end-to-end strategizing. You will walk away with:

Join Us for our Event and Retreat Mastermind-Bali Edition

A complete event or retreat plan including logistics, copy, marketing, sponsorships, and more, so you never have to pull your hair out wondering how the heck you’re supposed to start planning your event. 

Unique and stunning high res branding photos to use for your marketing and help you stand out as an industry leader.

Optional videos such as video sales letters, branding, retreat and event videos, and online course videos.


OMG working with Elizabeth for my brand photoshoot was one of the best photography experiences I’ve had in a long time. She was able to spot locations that just worked for my personal and brand style. She took care of everything… location ideas, photographer, and color ideas. If you are looking to do an on location lifestyle shoot, I highly recommend Elizabeth. I also took her event and retreat online mastermind course, it’s one of the best courses I’ve taken!

Kim McCarter-Funnel Trap Queen

Within the first four minutes of my conversation with Alecia she had 3 of the most perfect locations in mind for an Iconic VIP Luxestyle™ Day in Miami! Prior to speaking with her, I was all over the place and in complete panic mode. Alecia not only advised me on venue options but she also suggested local activities and restaurants. She was genuinely concerned and just as excited as I was about the success of my event. I was truly impressed with her attention to detail to ensure that the look and feel of the venue were in line with my brand! Thank you, Alecia!!

Angela Brown - Stylistic Visionary & Founder, Five Star Luxestyle & Design

I took the How to Sell Out your Events and Retreats Mastermind Class! THANK YOU! It helped me think more thoroughly on how I plan and market my events and retreats. You brought up things I hadn’t thought of, especially around pricing and budgeting, and the resources for marketing were absolutely awesome! I loved the Q&A and that you both stayed with us an extra hour to make sure you answered all our questions. Thank you so much!!!!

Anna Olson - Leadership Coach

Love From Our Clients

This is the time to

On this jam-packed, luxurious retreat, we’re going to roll up our sleeves and do the work to turn that dream event into a highly profitable reality.

Putting off your event or retreat dreams. 

Just ‘winging it’ and hoping for the best when
you plan your event or retreat.

Fearing that your event or retreat will be
a waste of your money.

Dream Big!

no more

mastermind agenda

Your Retreat or Event Vision

Dust off the ideas and dreams you’ve developed for your perfect event or retreat and bring it back to life.

What is the best, most high-value retreat or event you could possibly imagine hosting for your tribe?

We will go from point A to Z in a series of strategic steps, but first, you must bring this dream to life and get a clear vision of the most high-value retreat or event your perfect attendee could imagine.

What do you want your guests to feel, learn, and experience while on your retreat or attending your event? Starting with a broad approach, we’ll look at the big picture before breaking it down into strategic moving parts.

Together we’ll recognize which retreat ideas will flow with your business message and brand.

We’re going to dig deep and really get to the root of it all. WHY are you doing this, WHO is it for, WHAT it will accomplish and HOW will attendees feel.

day one:

The Destination

A bustling city on the other side of the world? A tropical paradise? Or a neighbor-state with rolling hills? Your destination should make sense to your agenda, audience and their budget.

Discover how to choose the location and venue that’s perfect to turn your event or retreat into the paradise your tribe can’t wait to visit.

Creating the Perfect Copy

You know exactly what you want to write about your event or retreat, but you just can’t seem to get the words right.

Creative and compelling copy is the voice of your retreat. It’s more than just marketing - it has the power to grow your following beyond event ticket sales and speak to your attendees long after a retreat.

We’ll teach you everything you need to know to capture your perfect attendee’s desires and craft a compelling offer they won’t be able to resist.


Craft a compelling offer by tapping into the buying force behind your target audience. After all, opting in to an event or retreat is much different than selling spots for a webinar or marketing a digital course - and your marketing should reflect that!

You have to plan and present high-value advantages that will stir up feelings of opportunity and success to get your ideal attendees on board.

Together, we’ll find the deepest benefits your attendees can gain from your event or retreat - and leverage this into an enticing offer that will get you sold out in no time.

Pricing, Budgeting, and Finances

Meticulous budgeting is KEY to making a positive return on investment and ultimately creating 6-figure events and retreats.

But you don’t want to sacrifice the best aspects of your event or retreat just to cut corners in costs and provide a sub-par experience for your tribe.

Learn how to create a competitively priced, strategic budget to make a serious profit without sacrificing value. It’s a win-win!

Your Itinerary or Agenda

Plan out your retreat itinerary or event agenda in a way that maximizes time and value for your participants. An event agenda is as unique as the event branding. Timing is everything & your agenda is essential to the framework of the attendee experience.

Logistics-Pre Event or Retreat Strategy

When you plan out your strategy 6-12 months in advance to maximize profits, you’ll be confident, prepared, and ready to sell out your event before you launch.

Pre-event/retreat logistics include securing your site and venue, planning the entry and exit flow, prepping your staff for success, using technology to streamline the logistics, creating contingency plans, and so much more.

Legal and Insurance

Learn about the legal issues that can impact your retreat or event and how to protect yourself and your guests!

How to Show Up for your Retreat/Event

How to Step into your leadership role as an event or retreat host, and create a magical experience for your attendees.

As the leader of your event, you’ll embody the experiences you’re creating through the event or retreat. For some, this will come naturally, but there are quite a few ways to check yourself so that you’re able to show up to every workshop, conference, or post-retreat mastermind. Discover how to be the face of your brand that your following can believe in and rely on
 the best aspects of your event or retreat just to cut corners in costs and provide a sub-par experience for your tribe.

Learn how to create a competitively priced, strategic budget to make a serious profit without sacrificing value. It’s a win-win!

day two:

Work together, collaborate, network, inspire, and recap.

Elizabeth and Alecia will be available all day for any questions or additional help that you need to plan your event or retreat. 

day three:

day three:

I recently took Alecia and Elizabeth’s event and retreat masterclass and I have to say WOW. These two powerhouse women provided more practical, usable information in three hours, than some entire, weeks long programs. It’s not surprising, both women are professionals in their field with years of experience with events and retreats. I highly recommend them for all your event and retreat needs.

Mary Anne Raymond
The Web Works Group

Alecia is an incredible inspiration for any woman starting or growing her business. Her skills and strategic methods stretch way beyond events and really helped me discover who my target audience is and exactly what they'll want from a live event and just total brand expansion. I HIGHLY recommend working with this awesome lady! Thanks, Alecia May for everything!
Amina Oubjiane
Freelancer / Digital Nomad

Alecia is such a gem!! When myself and two colleagues of mine were inspired to create a joint retreat for our tribes, we had NO idea where to begin...but a friend recommended Alecia and after one conversation with her, we KNEW she was the key to making our retreat exactly what we dreamed it to be. Since then she has been amazing at researching the venues we desire, and bringing up all the key points we likely would have overlooked. Alecia is clearly brilliant at what she does, and I look forward to working with her more!
Jennifer Jayde
Dream Business Coach + Mentor

More Love From Our Cients

I’m Elizabeth Sinclair, business strategist, coach and consultant and retreat company owner. I’ve held dozens of retreats and small events over the years in locations including Bali, Marrakech, Maldives, Malaysia, Boston, Florida, New York, and many other great event and retreat locations around the world. I’m also a retreat consultant and help my clients plan, price and promote their retreats and small events.

I’m Alecia May, Event + Sponsorship Strategist, Speaker and Podcast host of the 6 Figure Event. Since then, I’ve produced more than 700 events in my career, both online and offline. I have raised over $3.2 million USD in event sponsorships for 6-7 figure coaches, conferences, summits internationally.

about us

You’ve been dreaming of becoming a master event or retreat planner and want to learn from the best of the best to do it right, down to the smallest detail.

You care about creating something spectacular, meaningful and are serious about becoming an industry leader. 

You’re willing to put in the work.

This Mastermind is For You If:

what does this Mastermind include?

A Personal Branding Photo Session

Participate in an exclusive luxury photoshoot with stunning, unique backdrops.
Add some ‘oomph’ to your branding with beautifully branded photos that you get to keep. 

Automatically gain credibility from your future attendees. 

Photo Shoot Days  
January 26th - 29th ,2020

You will be able to sign up for your branding photo shoot day once you have completed your registration. Photoshoot dates are on a first come, first serve basis.

Branding Shoot Assistance
Don’t know how to brand yourself in your photos? No worries, we’ve got you!

We’ll help you radiate confidence, trustworthiness, and everything else your brand represents.
Not sure just where to shoot? We’ll nail down some amazing sites that reflect you and your brand .

Not sure of what to wear? We will help you select the best outfits for your shoot. 

We will guide you through posing and provide direction for your overall shoot.

Also Included:
 All meals on the mastermind days and your photo shoot day.

Transportation to your photo shoot location(s).

Hair and makeup on your photo shoot day .


Transportation to the mastermind venue 


Optional Video Shoots
For those who wants video work such as video sales letters, branding, retreat and event videos, and online course videos, contact us for pricing and dates

Event & Retreat Mastermind
January 23rd - 25th, 2020

Work through every step of you event or retreat planning with Alecia and Elizabeth.

You get a step-by-step, detailed workbook to develop your plan and strategy. 

Take the workbook home and apply what you’ve learned!

1 hour pre call session with Alecia and Elizabeth to discuss your event or retreat and offer. 

Get your thoughts together with the guidance of professionals who’ve done it hundreds of times before.
You’ll be ready for action once you leave Bali.




What is NOT included with the retreat? 

Can we get transportation to/from the airport? How much is a typical drive?
Yes. We recommend taking an official taxi at the airport. You can also use Grab, an app that is similar to Uber. However, with Grab you pay at the end of the ride. Transportation is much less expensive in Bali than other parts of the world.

What are the best restaurants in Bali?
Balinese Home Cooking in Ubud is amazing and if you want to go high end, the Ritz Carlton Mandapa has a wonderful afternoon tea. In Seminyak we recommend Seasalt Seminyak.

Where is the best Shopping?
Seminyak is a shopper’s paradise with many cute boutiques while Ubud has a wonderful Art Market and its streets are lined with many unique shops.

Where should I stay?
We recommend that you stay in close proximity to the retreat site. We will provide details upon sign up or contact us for more information.

How much is a typical night in Bali?
Rates range from $20 USD a night on up. Don’t let the price of a hotel fool you, a hotel that is $50 USD in Bali is often the equivalent of a $100-$200 USD a night hotel in America. Always check out the pictures and ratings!

Can I stay with someone else who is attending?
We will send out an email with all the participants. If someone is looking for a roommate, we will definitely connect the participants who are interested!

Frequently Asked Questions


early payment option:

regular payment option:

$3000 USD(must be paid in full by December 1st, 2019)

$3497 USD (Must be Paid in Full by January 6th, 2020)

Payment Plan Available*

I'm ready, Sign me up!

Now, we know what you’re thinking.

Hosting an event or retreat sounds like a dream, but can it really be done in a profitable way?

Oh yes, it can.

We can’t wait to see you in Bali to create your next profitable and transformative event or retreat!!